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Laboratory Testing

MCS is well equipped to conduct either standard or bespoke tests, often in consultation with the client as part of failure investigation or on specific requests to study possible compatibility issues, corrosion risk and/or consequences. These tests generally follow the guidance given in NACE ASTM G31-12a, ASTM G1 and BS EN ISO 8407 for metallic materials.

MCS is expertise in material compatibility testing by immersion corrosion testing at elevated temperatures. MCS has a range of suitable ovens, water baths and hotplates at its disposal to simulate various exposure environments. MCS can source metallic coupons but has also contacts with local engineering companies which can manufacture coupons to client's specifications.

MCS is the only independent (UK) laboratory approved by WRC-NSF to carry out corrosion inhibitor evaluation according to the Corrosion Inhibitor Approval Scheme (CIAS). The scheme certifies products for use in domestic hot water central heating systems as required by the compliance guide referred to in Part L of the Building Regulations, formerly also known as BuildCert test.


MCS provides bespoke tests for water systems or innovative devices that are trying to comply with either British standard: BSRIA (BG 29/BG50) or German standard: VDI 2035. 


MCS has access to water-recirculating test rigs and can deliver testing analysis including water sampling for full chemical analysis or microbiological analysis.

MCS offers chemical tests and X-ray tests for debris composition analysis. 

MCS can test innovative water system equipment using a bespoke test rig to provide a feasibility study. MCS can deliver consultation advice on materials and system corrosion in collaboration with corrosion monitoring contractors i.e. Hevasure.


MCS provides NDT (Non-destructive test) techniques to investigate the extent of corrosion and pit depth gauge to determine corrosion pit depth and wall loss level.

MCS is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. MCS is also audited to ISO 17025 as part of its WRC-NSF accreditation.

Please contact MCS for further details.

Failure Investigation Pipe Sample

For further information please contact MCS.  

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