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Failure Investigation

Failure investigations usually involve collation and review of associated literature and information and analysis of failure, with the ultimate aim to inform the client about the reason for failure, possible root cause and hence potential mitigation options.

Failures of components or systems due to corrosion can result in consequential damages and disruption leading to potentially high financial expense and loss in reputation.  With our team of experts, MCS provides failure investigation to a wide range of industries such as the building service sector, wastewater treatment plant, process industries, rail and automotive and marine sector with the main focus on metallic materials. Since MCS became part of Sandberg Group, MCS has expanded their services whcih now include a wide range of laboratory analysis and consultation for non-metallic materials i.e. EPDM rubber seals or PVC pipework.

Our particular expertise lies in the building service industry. MCS has vast experience in closed heating and cooling/chilled systems as well as AHU (Air Handling Unit) and heat exchangers. Domestic cold and hot water systems such as those installed in hospitals, commercial offices and private dwellings also form part of our expertise.

Our other expertise lands in wastewater treatment or water treatment plants, which focuses on the laboratory investigation of oxidation rotor blades, water quality and various metallic equipment in the plants.

We also provide failure investigation of network railway system components i.e. corrosion survey and analysis of metallic tracks, rail wheels and other parts.

Laboratory investigation of samples often involves examination under high-quality optical microscopes, metallographic inspection and surface analysis involving XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) or SEM/EDX (Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis). We have also access to XRD (X-ray Diffraction), FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy), and material tensile and hardness testing. 

To support failure investigations, a site visit is often called for.  MCS often attend site to carry out a general site survey with focus on corrosion risks, often including sampling, examination of in-situ items for type and extent of corrosion using pit gauges where localised corrosion occurred and photography. Specifically, for the building services MCS is able to carry out inspection of the installation, water sampling, dissolved oxygen, pressure, temperature and flow measurements to identify and hence eliminate possible risk of corrosion to the system.


MCS can also carry out assessments of the extent of corrosion damages through borescope surveys by using an in-house advanced high-resolution camera.

Failure Investigation

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