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Welcome to Midland Corrosion Services

Midland Corrosion Services (MCS) has been providing independent testing and consultancy services to industries in the area of corrosion since 2001. We are a dedicated team of professionals with over 30 years of joint experience in corrosion and materials science as well as engineering. Our relatively small size makes us flexible and able to respond quickly to our clients' needs.

Our areas of expertise consist of building services (closed heating and cooling systems or domestic hot and cold water systems) - hospitals, schools, commercial dwellings, private houses, leisure centres and other construction sites, wastewater treatment plants, medical equipment and corrosion inhibitor testing. We investigate and assess corrosion in pipework, heat exchangers/boilers, pumps, valves, vessels, rotors, medical tools and much more. However, we also work in other industry sectors including transport, automotive and railway, process industry and general engineering.

The material of our work covers copper, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, light alloys, plastic and rubber.

Over the last 25 years, MCS has attracted a broad mix of clients ranging from major blue-chip construction or chemical companies to small plumbing firms. We also work for insurance companies and solicitors, often in litigation cases.

We work closely with NSF to test corrosion inhibitor products for the NSF CIAS certification.

The NSF Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme (CIAS, formerly BuildCert) assesses the performance of chemical inhibitors for use in domestic hot water central heating systems to restrict the formation of limescale, reduce metallic corrosion, and ensure compatibility with non-metallic components used in domestic hot water central heating systems.

We provide and design corrosion coupon holders for domestic/commercial water pipework. We also provide assessment services for coupon weight loss and corrosion rate determination as per ASTM G1 / BS EN 8407.

In May 2018, MCS became part of the Sandberg Group, giving MCS access to highly professional and independent consultants, laboratories, site survey teams and testing as well as analytical equipment.

For further information on our services please visit our services page.

Registered in England and Wales. No. 04259561 | Registered office:Stancliffe House, Whitworth Road, Darley Dale, Derbyshire. DE4 2HJ

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