Corrosion Testing

We have a well-equipped corrosion test laboratory in Darley Dale, Derbyshire, which encompasses a clean laboratory, general test area and workshop for sectioning samples and specimen preparation.

BuildCert Testing

The equipment we have includes a titanium autoclave, electrochemical test equipment, analytical balance, metallurgical and stereo zoom microscopes and temperature programmable ovens and water circulating bath

In addition to the above, we have quick access to electron microscopy and surface analysis equipment. Other specialist test equipment, such as recirculating test rigs can be acquired or built as required. If you have a specific requirement all you need to do is ask, we are always happy to discuss individual projects with you.


The types of corrosion tests we can perform are numerous and include:

Cell under test

  • Determination of general and localised corrosion resistance of metals and alloys to specific environments carried out using immersion and electrochemical testing.
  • Assessment of corrosion under insulation.
  • Evaluation of the performance of metallic coatings   
  • Corrosion and scale inhibitor testing/evaluation for closed heating and cooling systems or oil field applications. These could be simple screening tests to identify the most promising inhibitor from several candidate chemicals or full electrochemical and flow loop evaluations.
  • High temperature and pressure testing in aggressive environments



Tests can be carried out according to published standards, e.g. BS, NACE, ASTM or to the client’s own specifications.

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"Hopefully won't need MCS again!!. But would definitely recommend them."

J Woodhall, Environment Agency

  • Tests conducted to national or industry standards
  • Bespoke tests designed to meet clients' specific requirements
  • Audited to ISO 17025 Quality Management System by BuildCert
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