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Midland Corrosion Services Ltd. was established in July 2001 by Dr. Phillip Munn. We are based at Darley Dale in Derbyshire with testing and analysis carried out in our well-equipped, on-site corrosion test laboratory.

Our staff and consultants have extensive experience in the corrosion and materials fields and have worked for clients from a range of industry sectors. We are a completely independent company offering impartial, confidential advice.

Our aim is to help you: minimise the risk of corrosion failures over the long term; control corrosion to manageable levels or determine the cause of any corrosion failure and recommend practical solutions. In this way, the risk of costly corrosion failures, which may entail widespread disruption and potential environmental and health and safety issues to your staff or customers, can be minimised. In addition, we can evaluate corrosion protection products that you may produce or are in the process of developing, such as inhibitors and coatings, giving an independent report for your clients or assisting you in your development process.

MCS has a focused, core team of experts and strives to keep overheads low in comparison to most corrosion and materials’ testing companies. This approach is behind our ability to respond quickly to clients’ needs and provide a cost-effective, highly professional service.

We operate in the following industry sectors:

  • Building Services
  • Oil and Gas Operators and Services
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Water Treatment
  • Paint / Coating Manufacturers
  • Construction
  • Automotive / Transport
  • General Engineering
  • Hospitality and Leisure.

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Stancliffe House, Whitworth Road, Darley Dale, Derbyshire. DE4 2HJ

t: +44(0) 1629 733 162

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w: www.midlandcorrosion.co.uk

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